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You manage tons of paper onsite. It's time consuming, error prone, and exposes you to unnecessary risk. It doesn't have to be this way.

ValenceDocs makes managing your documents a breeze.

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A secure, automated document management solution that maximizes efficiency.

Our document management product was developed with and tested by our clients to ensure a fit-for-purpose solution that can easily integrate with various business processes.

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  • Need for expensive, onsite storage
  • Risk of someone stealing printed documents
  • Manual filing and associated errors


  • A way to easily store, manage and retrieve files
  • Customizable options to meet property-specific needs
  • A secure alternative to paper storage

ValencePics App

The easiest way to take and store moveout pictures

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Easily generate and store letters for multiple residents with a single click.

Click & Lease Integration

Lease and applicant files automatically sync with your Blue Moon data.


Barcode Technology

Automatically generated barcodes reduce filing errors.

Auto-file Functionality

Streamlined process to automatically store documents in digital file cabinet.

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Platform service

Open API

Allows any management software to integrate and use services.

Customizable Options

Solution can be modified to fit the structure of your business.

Custom options

Valence provides secure data transfer, storage, and back-ups.
We offer streamlined customer support.

Valence is excited to announce that it has partnered with the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) to provide TAA members access to Valence’s Document Management product in early 2014.

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